Micro-Firming Essence

The liposomes are coated with Multi-Peptide ‘s active substances and hydrolyzed collagen, Instantly lift up aging skin ,rejuvenate your skin back to a moist and resilient state .

Magical Wrinkle Reducing Cream​

Contains a variety of natural extracts such as Tropaeolum Majus Flower、Boerhavia Diffusa ,to improve skin problems, enhances translucent densely, highly moisturizing, firming and radiant, smoothes skin, reduces fine lines, and builds up defense ability to make skin radiant and beautiful.​

Polypeptide Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream​

The texture is meticulous and easy to absorb, quickly penetrates and moisturizes the skin around the eyes, accelerates circulation and repairs the skin, diminishes dark circles and fine lines, makes the skin firm and elastic. After getting up in the morning, you can feel the skin around your eyes become full and moist. Quickly regain the youth of the eyes and easy to resist skin aging.​

Miracle38Amino Acid Cleansing Cream​

Add Japanese 38% amino acid active formula, no lye, ph value 5.5 which is close to slightly acidic of the human skin. The moisture is not lost after washing the face, so that the skin retain smooth, moist and zero tight.

Glossy & Translucent Mask Cream​

Containing high unit of amino acid, gives the skin a natural translucent luster. The Archimedes principle is used to make the oil and old dead skin cells fall off and balance the metabolism. It solves the problem that deep pimples and oil are not easy to be metabolized, and achieves the effect of purifying the skin, whitening, elasticity, and shrinks pores from the inside out, so that the skin is brighter, exclude acne and at the same time, deeply helps oil balancing and strengthens skin elasticity.

Goddess Peach Lip Gloss​

Prevent chapped lips, protect the lips from dryness and moisturize the lips.Keep the Lips long-lasting rosy, plump& sexy, delicate luster, and moisturizing.Make red, moisturized, bright and healthy lips available all at once. ​

White Charcoal Magical Breast Beautifying Mask

White Charcoal fiber can release far infrared rays and generate negative ion in relative humidity. Quickly absorb and release the Breast Beatifying essence to meet the nourishment required by deep cells. Due to dredging, detoxificating and resonance effects ,you will feel a bit hot when use it .Improve human microcirculation and promote cell metabolism.Containing Synergie 32 essential oils to enhance the effect of quickly clearing the mammary ducts and lymphatic vessels. Rehabilitation from the inside out, promote breasts detoxification, prevent mammary glands disease