White Charcoal Magical Breast Beautifying Mask

White Charcoal Magical Breast Beautifying Mask

Smooth the glands     Lift the shape     Breasts abound    


Product manual
Binchotan fiber cloth is imported from Japan. It combines special organic compound Synergie 32, polysaccharide with ethyl ascorbic acid to moisturize the breast skin and restore the elastic skin. Binchotan fiber cloth has negative ions when it is out of native state. The mild warming sensation when used perfectly helps the skin absorb all of the essentials.

White Charcoal fiber can release far infrared rays and generate negative ion in relative humidity . Quickly absorb and release the Breast Beatifying essence to meet the nourishment required by deep cells. Due to dredging, detoxificating and resonance effects ,you will feel a bit hot when use it .Improve human microcirculation and promote cell metabolism.Containing Synergie 32 essential oils to enhance the effect of quickly clearing the mammary ducts and lymphatic vessels. Rehabilitation from the inside out, promote breasts detoxification, prevent mammary glands disease. Due to the effect of rapid circulation and dredging, the heat will last for about 120 minutes.(red -hot is normal)

Four functions of the Breast Beautifying Mask
1.Smooth the glands lymph node.
2.Promote breast development again, make breasts abound.
3.Increase the fat and ligament around the breasts, so that the breasts is upturned and prevent sagging and wide-seting breasts.
4.Dredge the stagnation of the breasts, make the rosy and shiny complexion.

Oligomerized Glycopeptide, Algal Polysaccharide, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Organic Essential Oil Formula, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Ylang-Ylang, Organic Ginger Essential Oil, Organic May Chang Essential Oil, Organic Pyrola Essential Oil, Organic Dal Extraction, Organic Elderberry Extraction Organic Highland Mint Essential Oil.

1.It is recommended not to use this product within three days of the physiological period.
2.During lactation, it is recommended to wash the nipple and areola before breastfeeding.
3.Use after cleaning the body, the recommended time is one hour.
4.Unavailable on women who are Pregnant and have undergone breast augmentation with silicone implants.
5.Please follow the physician’s instruction if special skin.

Step 1 Clean the breast skin (after bathing) and tear off the package.
Step 2 Apply the essence in the aluminum bag on the back of the ear, the breasts, arms and armpits evenly, and gently massage the breasts and the surrounding area.
Step 3 Take out the Binchotan mask, first tear off the outer white pearl film, the black side is prepared to paste on skin, Do not tear off the blue outer layer of non-woven fabric.
Step 4 After 5-10 minutes of pasting, there will be a slight heat sensation, which is normal, depend on individual differences. It is recommended to apply for half an hour to one hour.
Step 5 Remove the mask and discard it . Massage the excess essence gently until absorbed. No need to clean the body again.